Coachillin at Coache11a

Day 1: custom made pants from India, American Apparel crop top, vintage bag
Day 2: Urban Outfitters dress, Piko 1988 top
 Day 3: Vintage top, Seaton shorts, American Apparel bikini 
Coachella once again was the best weekend of my life!!!!!  Second time around and just loved it even more!  Loved every performer, some of my tops being Sleigh Bells, Animal Collective, and of course Arcade Fire.  Wish the weekend never ended!

1 comment:

  1. yesss, easily the best weekend of the year. i love all your outfits, the second one especially!

    i only caught a little bit of sleigh bells' set but i wish i had seen more of it, i was so impressed! i like them okay recorded, but they sounded even better live.