"'Classical music is dying,' Hahn-Bin says flatly.  The Korea-born, New York-based, Julliard-trained violinist would know.  At his first US concert, which he performed at age 10, one audience member literally dropped dead.  But that inglorious welcome hasn't marred Hahn-Bin's meteoric rise from child prodigy to on of classical music's hottest tickets, at just 22.  Since being handed a violin by his parents when he was 5, the protege of violin has built his reputation as a skilled musician on a mix of passionate playing and engaging showmanship.  'Music is really my native language,' he says.  Not only is Hahn-Bin an amazing violinist, but he also has an odd but wonderful sense of style.  Surely a one-of-a-kind look, Hahn-Bin believes that not only do people come to see his performance but they also come to see 'him', so why shouldn't he put on a show even when the violin has stopped playing."

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